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Mon Sep 9 08:24:13 CDT 2013

I love doing a Google tour with notes like this -- do I remember things correctly? Is the order of road-crossings and towns as I remember them? Where was that really neat spot? (A hard question in Maine...)

Wish I wuz back there....

Spatior, ergo sum.

On Sun, 9/8/13, Arthur Gaudet <rockdancer97 at comcast.net> wrote:

 Leaving Andover ME this morning in
 the rain for South Arm Rd   Should be in
 Rangeley on Tuesday   Doing a 10-mile day is
 a big deal since crossing into ME. Only 58 miles to
 Stratton, then the Bigelows!  Woods full of hikers but
 no more sobo 
 Arthur Gaudet
 RockDancer on the Appalachian Trail

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