[at-l] Turkey Day 14 years ago 11/29/99

South Walker southwalker at windstream.net
Mon Nov 25 16:03:42 CST 2013

Nearing the end of our hike Logjumper and I made an easy 16 miles from
Dick's Creek Gap to Unicoi Gap and returned to the Holiday Inn in Hiawassee.
Looking for a good Thanksgiving dinner was harder than the day's hike. Most
of the local eateries were closed and we had to settle for Shoneys. Not the
best of places to spend Thanksgiving dinner.


This was my 3rd Thanksgiving spent on the trail. The best of the 3 was a
stormy day spent at the old Roaring Fork shelter. Plenty of wind and thunder
but being dry my bride and I had no worries.


South Walker


My lucky numbers are:

7527 X 2#1063970 +1 

2325 X 2#1108257 + 1 

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