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Don't give up hope. Some folks get college at different ages. I didn't start college until I was 25. Didn't get my Masters until I was 32....they will be fine. They come from good stock. 


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My kids have both flunked out of college. 
Any of you that've met 'em, you know it ain't for lack of brains. 
And now, they're (both) giving Mom a pocketful of attitude. 

Trail Days is this weekend, and were I able, I'd pack 'em up and truck 'em there (how long has it been) and see if they catch the difference between money and doin' stuff. 
One big party. 
Somebody has got to pay. 
One big party. 
Somebody has got to pay..... 

One wants to talk to Dad (Miracles and a early dose of Mark Twain) -- 
the other talks of going on a hike. 

Funny thing is, since this time last year (when they were graduating from high school), I have mentioned at least 4 times that I wished so much that they would take a year off from schooling and (for example) get a job/take a walk. 

Frank'O is right -- don't ignore tests. My kids did that (the story goes), and no, it didn't get them anywhere. 

(Try to) Walk your talk, y'all. 

Spatior, ergo sum. 

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I ignored lots of tests on school. Never a good thing. 
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