[at-l] Great time for a hike. Are you in "cash"??

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It is definatly gonna get dicey.  If the economy improves much at all, inflation is gonna get stupid.  Jimmy Carter time stupid.  I think the fed has printed 3 trillion and gave it away on top of our debt.  That much free money is gonna make it hard to hold cash with inflation eating it up..... 

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This Greek business is going to give us the business, but good. Free advice and all that (and maybe it's none of my business), but I'd get busy getting out of business right about now, and wait for this business to get over, and pull another Ford business (March'09 F buy) 6-9 months from now, with a boatload of cash. 

Last night, radio interviews of Athens citizens were uniformly expressing an expectation of continued government responsibility for societal welfare -- a total disconnect from reality (read, "the rest of Europe"). It's sovereignty versus solvancy, and *they* *don't* *care*. That's it! It's the tip of the knife we're at now, and the world economy is about to get Greecianed. 

Time for a hike. 
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