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Mon Jan 16 10:09:07 CST 2012

I wasn't aware of this network of sensors until this morning. I was browsing
for a cheesecake recipe and ended up here:




It's a network of weather sensors that looks quite experimental. I base this
on the gaps of data, and that it's current only to last Monday. Still it's
nice to know there are sensors at these points on the AT:


Highland Center

Mizpah Hut

Lakes of the Clouds

Mt. Washington summit

Pinkham Notch

Wildcat Mountain 


There are another half dozen sensor site around the Whites, see the website
for the locations - Attitash, Bartlett, Cog Railway, etc.


I thought I'd look for differential temps between Mizpah and Mt. Washington
summit. Alas, there are few data for Mizpah - 2 years (2008-9) and from
August to present.  On average Mizpah is 10 F warmer than the summit.


--Arthur aka RockDancer

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