[at-l] Bears Den Ruck - January 27-29th

Marsha Lee atrailhiker at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 8 06:12:40 CST 2012

Hello everyone,

The PA Ruck will be held at the beautiful Bears Den Hostel again from Friday  Jan. 27 thru Sunday Jan. 29th.  

Last year the caretakers (Red Wing & Hopeful AT04), and the PATC invited us to return and we are all very excited.

I try not to send too much stuff out on the Internet as to not interfere with the Southern Ruck, but am finding it is necessary to get busy.

One of our favorite people will not be attending this year, and he has always faithfully brought the DVD projector, computer, and his awesome DVDs/slideshows. 

We do not have any platforms/events/vendor participation yet either, and wondering if someone from this list will be attending ?  Please email me with any information.  SO FAR we have 2 potential thru-hikers attending this year and it sure would be nice to stimulate their minds.  We need some good thru-hiker bull sessions as well :)))

As well as posting here, Facebook and Whiteblaze, we have a Google spreadsheet set up for your participation with meals and info.

or:  http://tinyurl.com/7p7smpz
to open the Google Spreadsheet for Ruck participation postings 
You will need to sign in:

ATrailHiker at hotmail.com
password is TRAILWORK 
and you will need to click on the upper right hand side:  SIGN IN (again, but not any passwords)

Feel free to post away what you're bringing, and IT AUTOMATICALLY SAVES IT.

Thanks !
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