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I've met Ward a few times, in Hanover, Baxter and Monson. At Shaw's I asked
him "So, what's the deal?" and he talked for a hour while Keith took our
money playing horseshoes. Ward once had medical issues about which his
family was unsupportive. Their way of dealing with his condition was to
encourage him to go away. And away on the trail, he often found himself
away from medical resupply. He was banned from Baxter, for serial stealth
camping and harassing "lesser" hikers. Buzz told me Ward was one of only
two persons he ever officially banned. Little known Ward fact: he's been to
at least two NH Gatherings.
Hell of a hiker.


  Whadaya think of this article about Ward Leonard?
> Not much at all about his negative side, is there?
> http://www.wickedlocal.com/concord/thisjustin/x1980198496/Concord-resident-reflects-on-backpacking-Appalachian-Trail#axzz1iLTqp2XM
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