[at-l] It's Jan 2nd?

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 08:15:33 CST 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I spent New Years in Big South Fork, maybe in Tennessee, maybe in Kentucky. Dunno. It was beauteous, though, with pieces of trail that reminded me of the Connecticut AT, the Georgia AT, the Smokys (and, oddly enough, the AT through the Smokys), and the AT around Nantahala Outdoor Center, ON the Nantahala River. And Red River Gorge. Cool! We started in shirtsleeves at about 60°F and no breeze, and finished in 25°F and blowing snot that iced up on asphalt magNIFicently. The 5 hour trip had a return time of 12 hours, but no accident. PHEW! I'll tell ya, it was my first time driving a non-all-wheel-drive, non-ABS-equipped, non-Subaru in crap conditions in 10 years, and I did not like it ONE SINGLE BIT.

It's a Subaru

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And no one has posted "Happy New Year!" or "Where are you hiking this year?" threads??? Or is the list down?


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