[at-l] It's Jan 2nd?

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Good luck Joan; post some progress reports from time to time for us!

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Had both knees replaced November 15.  As of December 29 (6 weeks and 3 days 
past surgery), doc cleared me to hike again as I feel confident to do so. 
Still working on that confidence thing.  I have been hiking dirt roads in 
the woods for 30 minutes or so.  For now, the roots and uneveness of trails 
is a bit intimidating, even with my Lekis.  .

It will be at least a year before I can crawl into a backpacking tent again.

Goal for this week is to raise legs high enough to get into shower and take 
a shower standing up.  I'm "over" that transfer bench I've been using. 
Doing therapy 3 times a week and going to those dirt roads ini the woods to 
walk about 5 times a week.

Hope to be doing some "real" hikes, albeit short ones, by mid to late 

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