[at-l] Hiker in need of help near Monson, ME

Patton, Linda lpatton at fsu.edu
Sun Aug 5 14:51:52 CDT 2012

I'm forwarding the message below in case someone on this
list could help.  I can vouch for "Stripper" being a good person.
Reply to her email address and copy me, please.
~~ eArThworm

From: ...   Julie Wilson [atcsweatcrew at gmail.com]
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Subject: [WomenHikers] Some help, please!

 Hey ya'll!

I am currently stuck in Monson, ME and could use some help. I did not get
a maildrop on time and I will not be able to finish the AT this summer. I
am in desparate need of housing for about a week until my stipend comes in
from my university so I can get home.

I cannot remember if anyone is in the area or not...

I have bathed and my clothes are clean, pack fabreezed, as well as my
shoes!!!! So, I am not a horribly stinky hiker! I have my own shelter and
can camp outside. I don't make a lot of noise and don't need to be

Anyway...If anyone can think of something, please let me know!


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