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Try looking at the club sites, they are frequently more current than ATC,
but all sites need more information from the troops on the ground to stay
current. For example, I just updated the water conditions in NY this morning
but am missing a lot of information, too much that hasn't been verified
since last year and the thru-hikers are heavy here in July and August.

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 10:17 AM, Leslie Booher <lbooher at charter.net> wrote:

> **
> On looking at the fancy ATC website, I see that it's of little to no use to
> people who have hiked before.  I couldn't find anything 'personal' on it.
> When did the administration of the ATC get so far removed from the people on
> the trail?  I know.  It was when it became a 'conservancy', rather than the
> old conference.  It's really sad to see.  Fred and Kathy's site still seems
> to be where we are.  Still, I didn't find shuttlers on either site.  They
> used to be there, though.  a'bear
> Humankind (be both)
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