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Tue Jul 19 20:41:01 CDT 2011

A year ago last night I was camped at West Mtn shelter with my friend
Beans.  We were both tenting behind the shelter there.  In the middle of the
night he called out for help, he couldn't get up because his legs were
cramping so bad.  His tent was one of those that opens up at the head, so I
helped him get out and we walked around in the dark about 2:00 in the
morning, admiring the view of the Hudson and NYC until he got to feeling
better.  And I had complained about hiking .6 off the trail to get to the
shelter!   Instead I wanted to stealth somewhere between there and Bear
Mtn.  That choice and his misfortune was my good luck, it was really magical
out there that night.   The next morning, thanks to a very slow start, we
were lucky enough to get our gear into the shelter just in time to watch a
massive storm roll across the valley and up the side of the mountain.  After
the storm cleared he set off to meet family and I set off for a luxury zero
at Fort Montgomery.   Dang I miss it all so much.
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