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Sounds fine to me :)

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>I am mortified.  About mid-day today I realized that I misrepresented my
> hike in my comments yesterday.  I need to set it straight.  I said:
> "I took the purist route, as best I could.  I hiked past every white 
> blaze,
> carrying my pack."
> The reality is that twice I took a blue blaze.  One was at the rock wall 
> on
> the north side of the lemon squeezer in NY, I could not climb that wall no
> matter how hard I tried.  After some time of trying I took the "easy way"
> painted in blue of course.  The second time was on my second to last day, 
> in
> Baxter Park.  There was no getting across that river, we walked a long way
> up the bank but couldn't find a way across.  There was just too much water
> for me to try it.
> Both of these events are clearly told in my journal, yet for some reaon I
> forgot about them last night.  I'm really embarrassed that I told you
> that my hike was something it was not and I apologize for that.
> Cody


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