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Like you said:

• ATC doesn't recognize "Thru-hikes". They recognize 2000 milers defined as hiking "the entire trail" as far as is practicable."

Even the ATC says "the entire trail". Not some of the trail and some other trails, or a road or two.

And there are no RULES on how to hike it, do it how you want. We all know if we Thru hiked or not, and that's all that matters to me. 

So go to NY, get your official Gay marriage license, hike the trail sideways, as a christian or not, with your cell phone umbrella, hand gun and your IPad, at a fast or slow pace (it matters not, all I saw while I was hiking was my feet). Do it quietly or while bellowing about how unfair life is, do it with green eggs and ham, or just plain old Spam, do it with your locator chip for the Avery monitors, do it how you must..  Just do it. 
I hope this sounds as stupid as Jims post, that was my goal. I always wondered how it would feel to post stupid crap on the list, just thought I would try it.

I deleted all list email earlier this year, it was a nice 3 months. Think I'll do it again, my BS meter is going off again.

Happy Trails


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