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And, I love the parapackers.  I have no idea what this is about, but I love

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> Headin SOBO July 28th from Katahdin with the 50 parapacers.  After the
> incident with Warren and the parapackers back In 81 the Baxter Park
> Authority finally agreed that parapackers are in fact not pets - a task made
> a bit more difficult by Little Hectos's propensity to bark at men in
> uniforms and especially those dressed as park rangers.  There will be no
> unusual descents from the knife edge this time.
> The MATC has said they will absolutely not ferry the 50 little parapackers
> across the Kennebec after Little Julian whittled an exquisite likeness of
> Ward Leonard in the ferryman's vintage Algonquin paddle in the mid 90's
> Milo's been working for days out back in the '57 IH bus  on a way to get
> the little fellas across safely, dehydrating fondue, and keepin the guys out
> of mischief.
> Look for the bus rollin up the ME turnpike in a few weeks !
> Milo Garcia and The Parapackers
> Http://www.unclerust.com
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