[at-l] Earl Shaffer's hike

Amy Forinash aeforinash at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 19:10:52 CDT 2011

I don't get why everybody is so judgey.  It's not like the Guinness Book is out there keeping a record on every hiker.  We like to hike.  We go hike.  You might intend to do the whole trail in one go, and you might even actually do it that way, despite weather and injuries and illness and stuff back home.  And if you do, I bet you get a huge sense of accomplishment.  (Which, yay!) But why would I care if you did it that way?  (In other than a "go, you, that's awesome" sort of sentiment?)

Guess I was just raised wrong.  Maybe if I were raised Christian it would feel more natural to me to rate other people's leisure time activities.   I think I am on the other side of a cultural divide here.

I like to hike.  See y'all on the trail.  Unless you're going to judge me, in which case I'll be on the blue blaze.


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