[at-l] Earl Shaffer's hike questioned

Robert Dudley greyowlvermont at live.com
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Some people just get hung-up about hiking.  As far as I am concerned I could give a rats-ass about Earl missing a few miles.  I find his story very compelling and I admired his feat of doing the hike.  We have turned into a world of purist.  As Jim use to say hike your hike.  The only person you have to live with is yourself.

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> > > "...A new report questions whether Earl Shaffer actually walked the 
> > > trail's entire length....Jim McNeely, a West Virginia lawyer and hiker 
> > > who spent years researching the epic hike,...his findings, detailed in 
> > > a 158-page report...
> I've read the report...as much as I could stomach.  Here's MY findings:  
> What Earl did was a good and wonderful thing and will be remembered 
> through the ages. What McNeely did was mean-spirited and will soon be 
> forgotten.  
> The really sad thing is the enormous amount of time he spent on research 
> that was of no benefit to society and could have been spent, instead, on 
> something useful--like trail maintenance or any other volunteer work. 
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