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This isn't much of an article (looks like it isn't all there, 
yet)...but, interesting. at least to me...cuz,I live about 15 miles from 
the sighting:

Bloomfield -- Those who live near the Southern Indiana spot where a 
mountain lion has been confirmed say there's been talk for years about 
sightings of the animals.

Bloomfield hunter's supply store owner Tom Colvin says he doesn't 
believe many of those stories but is certain the big cats are in the 
area's woods.

The state Department of Natural Resources confirmed a cougar in rural 
Greene County through a May 1 photograph taken by a motion-sensitive 
camera. A mountain lion was confirmed last year in neighboring Clay 
County after no documented sightings in the state since the 1860s.

Greene County resident Dick Wood says he saw what looked to be a 
mountain lion trot across the street at night this month.

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