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I use Esbit Tabs in a Gram Cracker from Anti Gravity Gear along with a Caldera Cone. Works great, one tab, one meal. 
If I wish to make breakfast coffee or afternoon tea I will carry some alcohol & an alcohol stove (uses about 1/3 ounce per cup of tea or cofee) in addition.

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I'm actually intrigued with the idea of the Esbit tabs.  I assume from Gary's comment, that for hikes longer than three-days you would use alcohol.

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On a 3 day hike in warm weather I use Esbit fuel tabs.

Except for very cold weather I still prefer alcohol to gasoline or Colemans fuel.

If you want to carry jet boil stoves feel free to ;)  

- Greenbriar

  What's the latest thoughts on alcohol vs. non-alcohol?  On a three-day hike this weekend, using my alcohol stove, I was reminded yet again that the stove (1) requires some fumbling around to get the stove lit, and (2) you need to get just the right amount of fuel in the stove (too much and you're wasting fuel, too little and your water/food doesn't get hot and you have to wait for the stove to cool and start over).   
  Most folks seemed to be carrying small canister stoves that looked pretty light.  I'm wondering if stove technology has gotten to the point that its worth considering replacing my alcohol stove with something else?  
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