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Hello everyone!

I apologize that I have neglected to post this invitation.  There's just so much going on for us this week.  Michael has been such a God send!  Without his help and with me having to work all week, there's no way that we could get all of this done in a week.  What an amazing man I am marrying!  He's a partner in the truest sense of the word!

Here is our invitation to everyone.  All that we ask is that if you will be attending to let us know so that we have enough provisions for the reception.  We do understand that due to such short notice many will not be able to attend.  We do wish that everyone could be there.  However, we wanted to go ahead and get married as the girls could be there during this time, and we have a trip to Maine coming up that has gone from vacation to honeymoon!

Dress is casual.  As Michael said... no shoes, no shirt.... no problem.  (Tho... uhm... a shirt might be good.  LOL)  He's wearing his full military dress blues, while the girls and I are wearing peasant skirts and blouses (I'm walking down the aisle barefoot!  LOL).  Our theme is "Flip flops and Combat boots"  :)

As far as gifts you may send an honor gift to Friends of the Smokies or send a Lowe's gift card.  Message me off list if you need our home address.

Come if you can!

Wedding of SFC Michael Huskey & Shelly Morgan
Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010 
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm 
Location: Webb's Creek United Methodist 
Street: 4403 Church Drive 
City/Town: Gatlinburg, TN 

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