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Jan Lite liteshoe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 14:38:42 CDT 2010

Well, Hopeful old son,
(as a friend of mine likes to say),

I thought I spoke English. I really did.
But by your examples, I just realized I spoke Tennessee.

We'll have to turn to that ultimate authority on English, Nina "WaterFalll"
Mom for the final "English major" verdict.

>And egg salad sandwiches! The cafe lady was putting egg salad sandwiches
out just as I arrived in the visitor center. As she set one down, I picked
it up. You'd think they'd be used to >such behavior but she eyed me real
suspiciously..... go figure.

>Speaking setting them down... hey Liteshoe, do you set thing down or sit
them down? Does a chicken sit or set when she has eggs ( which is related to
sandwiches ); does she lay or lie? >Chickens and cafe ladies live very
complicated lives. Speaking Tennessee is much easier than English.?? Hopeful
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