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> Well, it's coming up on a year since I asked this question "What are 
> your 5 favorite shelters on the AT?" 

"8/17/03  Goddard Shelter:     Rain. Today the forecast was for clear and sunny skies. We have rain. God is mad at me. In the south we had 88 days of rain. In August, it has rained for 14 days. God is mad at me.  Tonight we're camped in a shelter on top of Glastenbury Mountain. Even in the rain it is a beautiful place. Looking out we can see into the valley below and watch the billowy clouds sweeping up over us. You'd think we are in a Christmas tree farm. All around us, the fragrance of pine wafts into our home. Even in the damp, clammy and getting cold, evening air, there is magic. Ted, Vic, Chicken Legs and I are packed in with a man and wife who are doing the Long Trail, a sobo section hiker and 2 fathers and their 6th grade daughters." 

The night of 8/17/03 got so cold I could hardly sleep. I don't think I did actually sleep. On 8/18/03 I wrote, "Last night we were at about 3500 feet. Between the altitude and the rain I was really cold all night. Poor Ted, he suffer worse than me. He had to sleep at the edge of the shelter in the wind. I wore all the clothes I had, even my headlamp trying to stay warm. I wont get my winter gear back until Glencliff, NH or so my plan was. Now I'm thinking I need a new plan. But how?"   On 8/20/03 I hitched into Manchester Center, VT to mail my now useless summer fleece bag home and I got me an EMS +40F bag to carry me through to Glencliff. 

Last summer I hiked Long Trail sobo. When I crossed Glastenbury Mt, it was misty and cool and the smell of pine still filled the air. I wish I could do another thruhike.   Hopeful
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