[at-l] Old food, redux...

Doug Mathews mathews at uga.edu
Sun Jun 13 20:59:30 CDT 2010

Well, my recollection of green pea soup in the little packets was a 
little different......

I remember I was hiking alone and it was cold as you know what and was 
sleeting and Ihad no idea how far I was tothe next shelter. It was 
getting dark so I knew I had to pitch my tent anywhere and there seemed 
to be nothig suitable until I came to a large water tank on the ground 
that served some  large development I think. Sign said no trespassing 
but I could have cared less, in fact I would have welcomed going to the 
poky for a warm meal and heat.
Put up the tent and, fired up the stove and boiled all the water I had 
and added the green pea soup...it was warm and I was glad but I should 
have tried it before I started the hike.  I ate it of course but decided 
right then that it was a lot like the green pea baby food and I doubted 
I'd restock up on that.
Next morning it was still cold and the tend was iced up so another 
adventure knocking the ice off the tent and getting a move on..but that 
was one of the reasons I was there...for new and esciting adventure.

Chalk up another 1!


On 6/13/2010 8:50 PM, giniajim wrote:
> Are the little envelopes of instant Green Pea Soup still made?  They 
> were pretty good!
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