[at-l] hammock/tarp decision

Ryan Crawford m2b1 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 24 11:07:39 CST 2009

Make your own.  It's cheaper.  You only need 5 yards of fabric.  Stitch it 
up and your golden.

Since the zipper broke on my sleeping bag I'm looking at removing the fill 
and putting it into a new system.  It will be tight fitting unlike the 
old/most any sleeping bag that was loose fitting and left a lot more dead 
air space to get warmed up.  It will be a sleeping bag with an extension on 
each end where you hook up to the tree.  The same hook points will also hook 
up a ridgeline where the 'tarp' hangs.  The tarp won't actually ever touch 
the ground.  It will droop down underneath the hammock and give complete 
protection on both sides.  To keep rain/snow off the sleeping bag I could 
see using a Leki pole inserted through a couple of gromet holes on both 
sides/ends as the way to keep tension on the 'tarp' instead of having to 
rely on the putting stakes in the ground.  I do any hiking generally during 
the winter months when the ground is frozen over.  Stakes don't work the 
great when you only have snow to put them into.  Hence why the concept has 
come up.

Just a crazy idea I've had floating through my head.  I may get around to 
working on it this winter.


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