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William writ:  This is so weird. I just finished talking to my son about not understanding why I felt so connected to this group.  Nam 69 - 71 173rd Airbourne, Casper Platoon...Hughies, LOH's and Rangers!
While that may very well come into play a little, William.... you will find that the weird connection is that your way of thinking is so similar to everyone else here....  you're wired like us in the upstairs...  we all GET IT.  

Now, the IT can be an elusive thing.  You may never really pin IT down within yourself... be able to adequately orate IT... no mere mortal words may even infinitesimally begin to describe IT...  you won't be able to categorize IT and put IT in a safe little social guideline/rule/box...but with the help of this group you will come to understand that the IT in misfIT is a beginning to true self realization.  :)
Tenacious Tanasi

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