[at-l] a few thoughts

Frank Looper nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 17:45:53 CST 2009

> It's the pre trail adjustment
> the kills me.. :O
> http://www.pmags.com/joomla/index.php/Outdoor-Writings/post-trail.html


Maybe I can help you a little with that settling down part you seem to
be concerned over.

I'll be 50 in March. My wife says "you only come home long enough to
rest, get well from what hurts and get the itch again." She absolutely
knows that home is "out there," and the house is where I come to visit
my wife.

My doctor told me yesterday that I should wait 2 more weeks
post-surgery to go out backpacking again. He just doesn't understand.
Not this time of year.

Maybe me and the dog can go to a FS campground and just wander a bit,
but home is "out there" when the weather is like this.

What I'm trying to get to: just give up. You are what/who you are.
You're never going to feel at home inside for long periods of time.
Just give in to it!

BTW, because of my "lifestyle," my cardiovascular numbers are more
like a 20-year-olds than a 50-year-olds. Not a bad trade for not
having a career or money, is it?


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