[at-l] longevity advice (Was: sleeping bag)

Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 15:40:28 CST 2009

I R a hiker... first, last, and always <g>. If you don't understand why I
hike, you don't understand me. And I can't explain it. This is not a
There are no words for it... it's something in my soul.

I wish I had Rhymin' Worms quote (remember HIM? How do we drag his sorry
butt back? Man, what a writer!) ... I think it was in an article in the AT
Trailway News, where he was comparing the ATC Biennial Meeting with the
Gathering. Something to the point that the ATC meeting people live to
hike... they can't wait for the next weekend to hit the trails... but the
Gathering people hike to live... they're talking about their last hike, or
more likely their next hike, and their eyes don't light up until you talk to
them about hiking.  And hiking is when they are really alive...

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