[at-l] WAS sleeping bag?

Amy Forinash amy at forinash.net
Tue Nov 3 12:25:09 CST 2009

On Nov 3, 2009, at 12:04 PM, Mark Hudson wrote:

> ###!
> Warped hiker mentality = Left North Woodstock NH with an overly  
> loaded town pack (remember the thru-hiker metabolism!). Somewhere  
> around Garfield Pond
> I made the idiot move of stepping on a wet log water bar. Went  
> crashing down into the rocks HARD! I was absolutely sure I broke my  
> arm, but my BIG concern
> was not whether my arm was broken but rather if having a broken arm  
> was going to be the end of my hike.
> Turns out I was "lucky" and my arm was in between the rocks when I  
> landed, so my ribs and the pack took most of the abuse.

I performed a similar maneuver a few years back, but it was head  
rather than arm.  Yikes.

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