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Avoiding blowing up the world is a biggie!  Thanks!

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> > ### Quick response:
> @@@ Ooops. Forgot a biggie. Fuel. Methyl alcohol is all over the place --
> we speak/write generically of it as Heet or Yellow-bottle Heet. Here's the
> thing: there are numerous brands and bottles and colors out there -- and
> especially the off-brands that might use clear bottles, and then food
> coloring to convince you of special ingredients to scrub out your engine or
> some such. (All priced accordingly to the image conveyed.) Hornswaggle.
> @@@ Look at the back label, for the poison response. If it says, "Contains
> Methyl Alcohol" you can burn it in your stove. If it says "Contains
> Petroleum Distillates" you will blow up you, your stove, your equipment, and
> quite possibly the world. Lastly, if it says "Contains Isopropyl Alcohol",
> it *will* burn, but at a lower temperature than methyl, will crud you pot
> bottom, and will generally be icky. (Buy only in a pinch.)
> Poison label rules
> Buy Methyl
> Avoid Petroleum Distillates
> Isopropyl only in a pinch
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