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@@@ Ooops. Forgot a biggie. Fuel. Methyl alcohol is all over the place -- we speak/write generically of it as Heet or Yellow-bottle Heet. Here's the thing: there are numerous brands and bottles and colors out there -- and especially the off-brands that might use clear bottles, and then food coloring to convince you of special ingredients to scrub out your engine or some such. (All priced accordingly to the image conveyed.) Hornswaggle.

@@@ Look at the back label, for the poison response. If it says, "Contains Methyl Alcohol" you can burn it in your stove. If it says "Contains Petroleum Distillates" you will blow up you, your stove, your equipment, and quite possibly the world. Lastly, if it says "Contains Isopropyl Alcohol", it *will* burn, but at a lower temperature than methyl, will crud you pot bottom, and will generally be icky. (Buy only in a pinch.)

Poison label rules
Buy Methyl
Avoid Petroleum Distillates
Isopropyl only in a pinch

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