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I'd never heard of the "Caldera Cone" before (learn something new every day).  Anyone on the list use them?  They look intriguing.  
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  This is one of those topics that I'm in WAY over my head!  Never owned a stove, don't know much about them.  What I know is what the REI guy showed me last week, that's it.  He showed me cannister types and white gas types where you refill the tank.  He was really pushing the cannister because it's so simple.  I'm not thrilled with the idea of carrying cannisters, either full or especially empty, and I think they cannot be recycled?  Not exactly sure about that.  One person has recommended Caldera Cone system, which I will see in a couple of weeks.  Other than that, nada.  I don't know a thing and I'm a little nervous that I might blow something up.  

  Anybody want to do a basic primer?  Then I can get to advanced stoves, including beer cans, starbucks cans, etc as have been discussed here.


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    Stoves are almost a religion to me, it is one of the reasons I enjoy backpacking.  There is nothing more fun for me than getting “stove stare” at dusk.  I don’t care if it is my burn anything including unleaded gasoline and canister fuel stove…my really easy to use Snow Peak…or my little homemade alcohol stove…I love staring at the warm blue flame.  You know…fire up the stove and stare at it while boiling water for whatever I am cooking.  It is one of the highlights of the day.  Of course, getting a nice warm pot cozy to hold in my cold hands while my food cooks feels good…as does the warm food going in to warm me up from the inside out.

    You can probably figure out that if you have a campfire and I am in the vicinity I may show up to enjoy those beautiful glowing flames.  

    JJJ Wrote

      I do like the "no stove" approach, particularly for summer.  But I like my morning coffee too! 

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