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Mon Nov 2 19:37:54 CST 2009

Sir Toe writ: 

>And eventually, JimO will pop up and say "We're all nuts anyway." 


Not quite.  Those who "want" to thruhike but have yet to do so are mostly just 

slightly "disturbed".  


Those who finish a thruhike are usually either cured of the "disturbance" or 

have become truly "nuts". 


Those who go back for another round are clinically insane.  And the more thruhikes, 

the deeper and more incurable the insanity becomes.  


>But quitting ain't there -- if you have license to quit when you start, you likely will. 


Absolutely true - well, mostly.  Some (a few) find their commitment, their courage, 

their insanity while on the trail.  But we've watched a lot (hundreds?) of people start 

thruhikes with little or no commitment to what they're proposing to accomplish - 

and invariably they fail to complete the trail.  Some last a week, some longer - 

some have quit (on the AT) at Monson - or Gorham. 


For those who are really interested, there's more information here: 

http://spiriteaglehome.com/THP reality.html


I intended to rewrite that last year, but that didn't work out.  Instead we went truckin' off 

to do another PCT thru.  That didn't work out either.  But not because we "quit" - it's just a 

little too hard to hike a couple thousand miles with a torn meniscus.  But we'll try it again 

next year.  


Walk softly,


aka "Bald Eagle"

aka"oso loco"



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