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David Addleton dfaddleton at gmail.com
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maybe it's a six of one / half dozen of another / glass half
full/empty sorta thing, but plan B, exit strategy, escape
hatch/ladder/rocket, license to quit, whatever you want to call it,
seems to characterize realistic smarts to me . . . many folk wouldn't
even start a risky, major undertaking, but for the potential to abort
or chose or rely upon other options. Denying rational alternatives may
motivate some folks, and I'm ok with that, too . . . drs, shrinks,
lawyers, insurers, and actuaries make their livings from both types

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 6:09 PM, Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net> wrote:
> Tom McGinnis wrote:
>> ### It's not a question of strolling out in the woods and having to be happy, zen, one-with-nature, David. (If that were the question, I'd be first in knocking at your door.) The question is of how to walk from Georgia to Maine. (Or vice versa.) Liteshü and Hotdog walked in a year when Noah was expected to be paddling around the corner -- that's tough stuff. I walked when dinosaurs roamed the earth. None of us was sufficiently willing to quit, to actually quit. Felix will stroll in about now and say that his hike was a romp in the woods for 2000 miles -- and then he'll regale us about ice storms and 5° days with "shorts" and how nothing would stop them (the rush of SOBOs)..... And eventually, JimO will pop up and say "We're all nuts anyway." But quitting ain't there -- if you have license to quit when you start, you likely will. If you want to argue the point, start a hike with that attitude first.
> I'm still trying to figure out what  the 'it' was the Jan said 'depends'
> and why she said it.   What were you referring to, Jan?
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