[at-l] alcohol stoves

David Addleton dfaddleton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:29:43 CST 2009

I've not yet made the jump to ccoh stoves, tho' I continue to try them.
I'm just not happy with how fast it boils water and I'm still
uncertain about the amount of fuel to carry.
I'm also uncertain about the weight comparison between the cannister/
tiny pocket rocket vs the ccoh system.
I guess I'll figure that out soon. I'm attracted to carrying everclear
for its multiple uses.
I just made another stove, this one from a couple of michelobe ultra
cans (they're smaller); [wish I could find a couple starbuck's double
shot cans, they're even smaller].
Put it at the bottom of a small size coffee tin, with holes for air
and two rods to hold the snow peak titanium cup in place above the
flame; some wadded aluminum foil to keep the stove in the center below
the cup. Heet from the yellow bottle, filled up the inverted bottom of
the ultra can about 6 times and let it drain into the stove. spilled a
bit into the tin foil around the stove. started it by putting a flame
from a lighter near an air hole in the coffee tin. flame popped up and
it burned until it ran out of fuel. Brought the cup of water to light
boil bubbles in about 13 minutes . . . never did get a rolling boil.
Maybe needs 7 or 8 inverted bottoms of ccoh instead of 6? Heet left
the bottom of the cup clean.

any suggestions?

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