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I do not recommend wanting to hike so bad that you hike 10 miles on a broken leg.  Your Dr. will call you an idiot.  Did you know you can die of a broken leg?  I didn't.  Evidently there is a vein that goes next to your bone that don't like to be cut.


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thankfully, we don't need license from anybody to hike as long or as

short as we like or want or desire or need or whatever . . . . if we

hike our own hike and don't hike nobody else's hike, we'll be happy

with whatever the outcome, even if nobody else is happy with it . . .

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 4:17 PM, Tom McGinnis wrote:

> Liteshü:

> According to your criteria, I should've quit way down south. If you give license to quit to someone voluntarily depriving themselves of shelter, regular food, hot water, and a place to repose that does not require inspection before use, they will (rationally) take it.

> Screw that noise.

> Hike the trail long enough, and you will "get" it. Give yourself a chance to be that one person who reached the end to say, "Gee! THAT was a waste of time!"

> (Or conversely, wake every morning, point your shoes north and say, "I'm not going to reach Katahdin today," and know that, if you keep doing that, day after day, one day you will be *wrong*.)


> northboundtoe


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>> It depends.

>> For me, walking the AT was the most important thing in my

>> life, when I walked it.

>> It might not be so for everyone.

>> And that's okay too.


>> Right now, in my life, other things have risen to the fore.


>> I think there are cycles or opportunities for a thruhike.

>> If you're in one, and have the desire, go for it.

>> But if you're "bad day" persists for two

>> weeks or longer, uninterrupted by moments of wild joy, you

>> might want to rethink the venture. It might not be your

>> time.



>> You have to be somewhat out of the box anyway to even

>> consider walking the whole thing.

>> ;-)

>> That alone is a whole journey in itself.


>> Jan



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>> >Sage sage sage advice.




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>> wrote:


>> > AND don't give up because you are having a bad


>> > day! You WILL have a bad day, and you WILL get over

>> it.


>> > NEVER quit in town, hike out and you will feel

>> better.

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