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  I do like the "no stove" approach, particularly for summer.  But I like my morning coffee too! 
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  Alcohol is available everyewhere.  There is always a hardware store someplace.  
  Esbit is a problem.  Somebody at the DEA looked at the  ingredients list of the tabs 
  and discovered that one of the ingredients can be used to make meth.  Therefore you 
  are limited in the amount that you can buy.

  I have known people who have never carried a stove.  It can be done.  Then,when I 
  was an assistant scout master ruining the minds of the youth of America I had a scout 
  who opened a package of Ramen Noodles, atethem dry and them drank all of the 
  water in his water bottle.  He survived (unfortunately).

  Grey Owl

  >  For some years now, I've been using an alcohol stove. I'm a bit concerned about the availability 
  > of alcohol, and have started thinking about carrying an Esbit stove as a back up. Not so thrilled 
  > about carrying two stoves, but then again, not crazy about running out of fuel either.Anyone have 
  > an Esbit stove that they like? I'm looking at the Firelight Wing (*very* light at 0.38 oz). Or have 
  > any thoughts about carrying two stoves? 

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