[at-l] Stoves and fuel

Gary Ticknor garyticknor at verizon.net
Mon Nov 2 09:30:39 CST 2009

1. Turn your alcohol (soda can?) stove over and burn the Esbit tab on it.
2. Find a small rock.  Burn the Esbit on it.  prop up your pot on three 
larger rocks.
3. Use method 2 above but prop your pot up on 3 tent stakes stuck into 
the ground at an angle. Be careful not to let your pot spill.

BTW, alcohol is not hard to find on the Trail.

- Greenbriar
>    For some years now, I've been using an alcohol stove.  I'm a bit 
> concerned about the availability of alcohol, and have started thinking 
> about carrying an Esbit stove as a back up.  Not so thrilled about 
> carrying two stoves, but then again, not crazy about running out of 
> fuel either.  Anyone have an Esbit stove that they like?  I'm looking 
> at the Firelight Wing (*very* light at 0.38 oz).  Or have any thoughts 
> about carrying two stoves?

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