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Don't forget Sierra Trading Post.  They've got lots of great stuff, but you have to be selective, since it's all over-runs and last year's colors and such.  They're a good company.  My Leki's actually came from there 100 yrs. ago.  <G>  I think they sell only Komperdels nowadays.

Has anybody told Cody Girl that you don't start out being confident enough to use the lightest weight equipment?  You have to go with the weight that accommodates your confidence level.  The longer you're out, the lighter weight equipment you feel safe with.  At first, it may be 45 lbs of stuff.  Within a month or two, you'll shed down to 25 lbs.  For example, you may start out with a humongous knife and a big flashlight, then pare down to a tiny knife and photon light.  

I find that carrying a novel is a must, but I admit to weighing them before I select one.  <G>  And don't get the Dover Thrift editions just because of their weight.  I found that the pages are too brown for the writing to show up inside a shelter.  I couldn't read them.  Bizarre.  I can hear you all saying this as you read it.  Trust me on this one, OK?  <G>


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