[at-l] Campmor

Beau email4beau at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 08:49:46 CST 2009

I also have purchased from Campmor for many years.  Their a what you see 
is what you get company.  Nothing super specialized.  The on sale 
merchandise and their Campmor brand is always a good deal.  The website 
has ten times more items than the catalog.  They are good about taking 
merchandise back without question. 
bleeder guy

Tom McGinnis wrote:
> ### I've purchased from them (on and off) since 1978, but recall no issue -- either because there was no issue, or because they handled it with aplomb. Don't know.
> memorygaptoe
> --- On Sun, 11/1/09, JJJ <jplynch at crosslink.net> wrote:
>> I'm very much aware of Campmor (I get all their catalogs), 
>> but for some reason, they're just not on my radar
>> screen.  Am I missing a bet here?  How's everyone's experience with
>> their standing behind what they sell?  

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