[at-l] sleeping bag?

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 2 08:28:14 CST 2009

### Then you make dew with what you have. 
Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make it do.
Do without.

Outside the box. toe.

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> What if she needs it 'Just in Case?'.
> Inside joke. 
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> From: Tom McGinnis <sloetoe at yahoo.com>
> ### Very smart, but the biggest thing that will cut your
> carry weight is not lots and lots of lightweight purchases,
> but instead LEAVING STUFF HOME. (I think Mara said that
> earlier.) I'll wager right now that you could cut your pack
> weight in half *right* *now* by simply having your pack
> tuckerized. (Having someone go through it and say "No."
> "No." "No." "Only one." "No." "FOUR?!? What are you
> thinking??? NO."...)

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