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This sounds like fun!

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>   ~What is a Ruck?
> It's basically a gathering of hiker's put together as an excuse during the
> cold season to get together, sit around and talk about hiking and eat some
> amazing food.  It helps to keep the hiking itch at bay during the winter
> months when it's too cold to actually get out there.  :))
> ~Where are the Rucks?
> Southern Ruck aka SoRuck:  NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center) in Wesser, NC.
> Pennsylvania Ruck aka the PARuck:  Iron Master's Hostel in Gardners, PA.
> Rockies Ruck:  Leadville Hostel in Leadville, CO.
> ~When are the Rucks?
> SoRuck is held every January over Martin Luther King Jr weekend.
> PARuck is held every January over the last weekend of the month.
> Rockies Ruck is held every February usually the last weekend of the month.
> ~What is there to do at a Ruck?
> ~What kind of loding is there?
> ~What do I need to bring with me?
> ~Where can I go for more information?
> Here are links to each Ruck
> SoRuck:  http://soruck.net/
> PARuck:  http://www.paruck.com/
> Rockies Ruck:   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rockies_ruck/
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