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As long as you are going to the Internet for shopping for hiking/camping equipment why not try Campmor?

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I do like to shop locally.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are no outfitters nearby (there is a Gander Mountain about 45 minutes away, but they're really more for hunters).   There are some "brick and mortar" versions of REI, LL Bean and Hudson Bay Outfitters about two hours away, and I get to that area (DC) several times a year.  REI is easier to get to than the others, so I will often drop in there.  My all-time favorite was Appalachian Outfitters near Vienna, Virginia.  They were worth a special trip.  But they're long gone, sadly.
   REI's returns policy is pretty good too (not quite as good as LL Bean, but still good).  A good returns policy is important, but only one of many important factors.  Having what you want is also important, if not more so.  And price is important of course.  
Everything is a tradeoff!

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If your goal is to be able to return anything at any time with no reason given, then maybe you should keep shopping there (LL Bean). They are good that way. I find that places that sell online or by phone have to take things back because people don't get it right the first time. Then they wear it anyway and try to return it later after they realize they screwed up. Hopefully shopping local and getting input from outfitters eliminates most "wrong size/fit" returns. And if they recommended it and you have pain or other issues, go talk to local the outfitters, tell them your problem. They will usually work with you to solve the problem.

Hotdog (not speaking specifically  for AO, just about outfitters in general, but I did stay at A Holiday Inn Express)

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