[at-l] SoRUCK

Hank & Renee Swicegood hankrenee at charter.net
Sun Nov 1 12:23:44 CST 2009

Sorry you guys can't see the FaceBook pages without being members.  Most 
of the communication for events such as this are on FaceBook these days 
as many hikers have abandoned the various bulletin board forums due to 
poor moderation, flame wars and having to deal with questionable 
personalities.  One of the problems with bulletin boards is central 
moderation.  Social networking formats allow the users to decide who 
they see and don't see instead of a team of admin and moderators.

This is a link to the website for SORUCK 2009.  It explains what a ruck 
is and gives the various activities from that ruck.  http://www.soruck.net/

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