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 Knew I'd kept the answer to that question !!  Found it !! 



MORE ON: Re: What's 'ruck?' 

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OK, I just found what I was looking for on the SoRuck site and in the 
AT-L archives... ~~ eArThworm
Ruck: (noun) [Middle English] First appeared in the 15th century: an 
indistinguishable gathering: JUMBLE. 

"There are only so many words that indicate a gathering, or a group of 
people coming together. "Gathering" was the word that I really wanted 
to use, but that is taken, of course. [He's referring to the ALDHA 
Gathering each October] I searched through the dictionary looking 
for synonyms and the only word that looked wholly unfamiliar was
"Ruck." I looked into that, and found that I very much liked it. It 
was simple, mysterious, and rather pleasantly blunt. After the first 
Pine Grove Ruck occurred, we had to call it "something." For lack of 
a better term, Ruck stuck. Best, Waldo."

>A "Ruck" is an assembly of disreputable persons - a perfect description of 
>a group of thruhikers. "The Ruck" was initiated at the request of Phil 
>Romans (a prospective thruhiker) so he could get information first-hand 
>from those who had thruhiked. It was named by Waldo - after he attended 
>the second Ruck at the Ironmasters hostel. Anyone remember Waldo? Anyone 
>know where he is? For that matter, does anyone remember Phil? -- Jim Owen

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