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Mon May 25 15:55:34 CDT 2009

.....and learning. As i remember the service and sacrifice of the many
hundreds of thousands of souls who have served our republic, my memories
wander also to hikers near and far, veterans and not, who have lost their
lives in pursuit of their dreams and ideals: Andrea Basque, Robert Brugman,
John Donovan, Ray Echols, Meredith Emerson, Alice Ferrence, Geoffrey Hood,
Molly LaRue, Ann McDuff, Larry McDuff, Bill Medlin, Robert Mountford, Jr.,
Laura Susan Ramsay, Jane Rodman, Franklin Rodman, John Thomas Stone, Rebecca
Wight, Julianne Williams, Lollie Winans, and many, many more whose names
escape me at the moment, but whose memory is dear, nonetheless. Oddly
enough, the three unrelated couples who perished together on or near the AT
also ended up in adjacent alphabetical positions on this impromptu list.
    As i remember all of these brave souls, both named and unnamed, i also
remember that all is not necessarily exactly as we assume, or learn:
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