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Dawg/Ms. J:


Your Number 9 is not correct!  I looked all day on Friday for Ms. Janet.  I looked and looked for her brown van.  I knew if I found it, Ms. Janet would be near by.  I looked and looked!  It was nowhere to be found.  I was very unhappy.  Finally, Friday night, I found Ms. Janet at the drum circle.  (What a surprise....)  Her van was there.  It was NOT tan.  It was white.  With colorful hand prints.  Next year, we'll kidnapp her for the new BBQ traditional dinner on Saturday night.  Look for the WHITE Van with the handprints...


hugs to all,


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1. Baltimore Jack thinks Boo-Boo's dog is a pansy-ass dog. Dogs must weigh 65 pounds to escape this label. According to Jack. 
2. It will rain at Trail days. You might not think it will. You may even go a few days without it. But sooner or later it will rain. A lot probably. 
3. Food will be eaten. Everywhere.  
4. Tie-dye will be for sale. In copious quantities. 
5. It will rain at Trail Days and there will be mud. 
6. Longhaul will drive the Suburban...aka The Nice Hiker-Bus. 
7. Biking is popular. 
8. Shuttling happens. A lot. To perfect strangers. You can fit a lot of people in a Cruiser if you really try. 
8 1/2. Trail Magic Rocks.  
9. Miss Janet will be there. Everyone will know where she is. 
10. Fire. 
11. It will rain at Trail Days. With Thunder. And perhaps wind. 
12. There will be too many wonderful things at the vendors to even know where to begin. 
13. Some new thing will happen. New BBQ place. New Saturday Night tradition. Something new will become tradition. 
14. Billville rocks. 
15. Sunday morning breakfast is the sad time right before you go back to the real world. Blech!!
16. Break ya Leki's? We got you covered. 
17. Ox will fuss about something Dawg and Shell-no e-y did at some hiker function. Man-up. 
18. There will be water on Main Street. Hikers hold grudges about this. 
19. It will rain at Trail Days. In the dark. In the light. SOME TIME it will rain. 
20. Everyone will have a great time and conversations on Sunday morning will begin with, "Next year we are going to...
To Longhaul...toes be damned...get your ass back out there. I want to be a movie star. 
To My Dear Tin Man...your soul is the most beautiful soul I have ever met. 
To Ox...I didn't take your flag down. My only regret is that I didn't think of it first. 
To Miss Janet...never underestimate your contributions. 
To Damascus...your patience and hospitality are without measure and we thank you. 
To the Women Hikers...I hope you all realize how good we have it as a group. 
To Yard Sale...we are ALL in awe of your accomplishment so far and can't wait for the next update. 
To Billville...thanks each and every year for the best Saturday Night. 
To Sly...only 8 months to the SORUCK. 
To Rogene and Bruce...go for 3 more. String a whole bunch of threes together. 
To the two thru-hikers I picked up in Erwin...GO MIKE AND BEN!!! YOU ROCK!!!!
And finally...to all my hiking family...thank you for enriching my life in ways I cannot express. I
Until next year all my hiker friends and family...
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