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True  enough. Though, if you have an mp3 player, you can do both, or  
either.   I tend to be pretty happy no matter whether I have  music or 
not.  I will say that I've had times that listening to tunes  has helped 
make a big, late-day climb. The iRiver with one battery doesn't  weigh 
much...and, a spare AA battery is easy to come by (can usually be  stolen 
from your headlamp...or, someone else's    ;-)

On the trail in 03 I carried a small AM/FM radio for a while. Found nice  
local stations with 
"mountain" music, piano music, etc. to listen to at night. Sent it home  
after a while. 
Kept my stuffed dog with a battery operated bark the whole way.  
Priorities... LOL!
Hotdog AT03 
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