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And do check out (if you have time) Capitol Reef.  And if you go there, drive west about 30 minutes from there to Torrey, Utah, and have dinner at Cafe Diablo.  
Absolutely the best southwestern cusine.  It's a splurge, but worth every penny!

For another splurge dinner, the Bit and Spur in Springdale, Utah, outside Zion.  http://www.bitandspur.com/

Woman does not live by hiking alone.  I eat a lot of camp meals so I can splurge on places like these!  If you can only do one, go for Cafe Diablo.


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Ken Bennett wrote:
 1. A small power inverter that makes 120 VAC from your cigarette 
 lighter.One that costs about $25-40 is fine... it will charge your laptop.
 was going to do that in campground bathhouses, motels, while I eat 
n restaurants, etc.  But where would I find one if I decided I need it.
> 2. Something to put over the picnic table 
f it's raining, I plan to motel it.
> 3. A good hat with a wide brim, and lots of sunscreen.
Ah, yes!
> 4. If you are serious about the photography, take a small tripod. 
Cheapest way to buy??
> 5. An electric coffeemaker. 
My alcohol stove and coffee bags are OK with me.
> 6. We got an iPod adapter.  Must have music on long road trips.
This and the power inv
erter would eat into my already slim budget, 
o I'll probably stick with CD's.
> 7....cases of bottled water; spare batteries...; a large plastic... box
 ...for ...fragile souvenirs; a tool kit, flares, ...big...flashlight in the 
 ...fabric shopping bag for...going...to the bath house; a mesh laundry bag. 
Check.  Check.  Ditto.  ...   Etc. ...
Great list...thanks!
~ eArThworm

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