[at-l] OT: Need road trip planning help

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Fri May 1 22:39:56 CDT 2009

You left out some kind of camp sink where dishes can be washed and perhaps  
a porti-potti for emergencies.  Also a refrigeration unit with a freezer to 
 keep or make ice.  I am sure I too, left something out.
In a message dated 2009-05-01 20:50:38 Eastern Daylight Time,  
hiker317 at gmail.com writes:

Bicycle,  (folding?);
LED Flashlight/Spotlight;
Rather than flares for roadside  emergency awareness/signaling,
consider an electronic alternative (with  fresh, longlasting batteries)
that won't be a fire starter/hazard; the  folding, reflective blaze
orange triangles that commercial vehicles are  required to carry are
nice for daytime or nightime use;
Frisbee; small  boomerang; slingshot
Trade/Barter items: N-95 facemasks, Tamiflu, case of  alcohol gel in
12-18 oz size, diamonds, gold, a few bricks of .22 LR ammo  etc.
At least one Dog, size small or medium, with accesories/food
Small  two-way radio system (FRS) if you take a companion
Several  Whistles
Whatever the latest version is of the Interior  Department Senior
Citizen Discount Card is
if you are over 50 or 55 or  62 or whatever the age limit is now: if
you qualify, it'll save lots of  $$$
Polarized Sunglasses
A happy, positive, and well-read Traveling  Companion who loves
Elizabethan Poetry
A kite (not the bird), and plenty  of string;
Replace the Alternator on your vehicle with one that generates  both DC
and AC power (keep the old one and carry it with you)
Spare  Starter Motor, Spare Auto Battery if vehicle is not equipted
with dual  batteries.
Towing insurance with at least two companies.
Air-in-a-can  flat tire inflator.
And most importantly: *All* of the books by the late  Ellen Meloy, in
multiple media.

On 5/1/09, Felix J  <AThiker at smithville.net> wrote:
> Ken Bennett  wrote:
>>     You  already have on your packing list:
>>      Tent/sleeping pad/sleeping bag/other camping gear/cooking  gear/
>>     cooler/food/small folding table &  folding chair/clothing/sewing kit/
>>     day-hiking  gear/camera/binoculars/guidebooks/maps/laptop.
>>   What other essentials or comfort items would you  add?
> Cheez-its and toothpicks.   (Actually, I don't see
> flashlight/lantern...but, they may be under  'other camping gear' ...oh,
> I see Ken mentioned it) I like to have  water...several gallon jugs of
> it....just in case you get stuck a long  way from anything and need it.
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