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Mon Jan 22 19:50:26 CST 2007

Welcome back and I am very happy that you are in one piece.  The customs of a 
foreign country can be very strange, especially in a society that supresses the 
rights of a minority (in this case women, christians and jews and oh they are 
extremely homophobic).  One of the people that works for me just got back after 
a year over there.  Hated every minute.  Yes there is some progress being made, 
mostly by the NGO's and individual service person.  Vice and corruption is 
rampid and the US Contractors have really dropped the ball.


Well I am back.  I was suposed to be gone 2 weeks but got the chance to leave early and I did.  Iraq is not for me or anyone else as far as I can tell.  I went to help build a school for girls that were not allowed to get an education under the previous administration.  I don't think I helped much.  I have to much compassion for kids to be able to tolerate the local customs.  That is all I am going to say about that.
I did get to see some mountians.  Of course you can't walk in them because of the folks that be wantin to cut your head off,  live there.


Felix,  can ya tell me,  if I was on a plane for eight hours,  if I got home 4 minutes before I left,  am I 4 minutes younger or 7 hours and 56 minutes older.
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